Seminars on Federal Government Employment

At Options for Vets, I offer in-depth seminars that are designed to assist attendees in their pursuit of a career in the U.S. federal government. The seminars are available to individuals as well as groups.

Seminar Coverage

The seminars that I provide will cover multiple topics. During the seminar I’ll discuss the benefits of having a career in the federal government. I’ll also walk you through what it takes to become a federal government employee. This part will cover all the bases, from developing your resume to applying for a job through the agency’s respective site to finally getting hired.

My seminars are a great way to learn about the benefits of government employment. Take the necessary steps to start your federal career with the help of Options for Vets.

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Arm yourself with the skills and information that's needed to successfully apply for a position in the U.S. federal government. Contact me for pricing information. If you're a veteran, don't forget to ask about our discounted Veteran Packages.