Federal Government Job Application Assistance

The process of securing a job with the U.S. federal government can seem unattainable, but not with the assistance of Options for Vets. I do not succeed unless you do! Here is what I can do for you:

Federal Resume Creation

Creating a resume for civilian employment is a time consuming and challenging task. Now, imagine the task of creating a federal resume that needs to meet a more meticulous, stringent, and precise benchmark for acceptance by a government hiring official. To some, this may appear to be inconceivable, but not for Options for Vets. I will create a federal resume for you that will amplify your chances of being referred to a federal hiring official for numerous job interviews.

Job Application and System Navigation

The U.S. federal government’s hiring system can be quite complicated. Let Options for Vets provide you with the knowledge it takes succeed during the federal job application and system navigation phase. I will teach you the most effective ways to navigate the job application system.

Interview Workshops


The goal of this workshop is get you prepared for an actual government job interview. My intent is to have you be more confident and knowledgeable during the interview phase of the government hiring process. The individual interview workshop involves one or more interview sessions between you and me. A mock federal interview will be conducted in the same manner as it would during the federal job interview phase. Once completed, we will discuss areas in need of improvement, and better ways to respond to interview questions.


This workshop is designed to prepare you for a federal interview in a stressful environment. In some instances, during the federal job interview phase, your interview will be conducted by two or more federal employees. This is referred to as a Panel Interview. To prepare you for this aspect of the interview process, I will assemble a team of two to three other individuals to form a panel. Next, we will conduct an interview that is intended to simulate a true federal panel interview. Once completed, we will discuss areas in need of improvement, and better ways to respond to panel interview questions.